Emergency Managers

Hope for the Best, Expect the Worst

A successful emergency management program means you are constantly preparing for a crisis that you hope will never come. It means you have acquired the training, the tools, and the resources to respond to an emergency with as little damage or loss as possible.

The demand to respond faster to an emerging threat is just one of the challenges an emergency manager faced in his or her role today. An Emergency Manager must find ways to communicate more effectively within the department, but also with other responding agencies, as well as those involved in the incident itself, traditional media and social media. It means finding ways to be better prepared, including planning, managing resources, and training for any possible seen or unforeseen scenario.

Software and digital technology is now available so emergency managers can have the right information at the right time. Customizable for each agency requirements, technology is available to improve communications, training, planning, resource management, and skill development. Technology supports the role of an Emergency Manager by giving her or him the tools required to ensure the team is in a constant state of readiness.

FutureShield works with government and private sector organizations to help integrate technology into emergency management operations supporting the ultimate goal of improved public safety.

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