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FutureShield Inc. Will Be Attending the Ontario Disaster & Emergency Management Conference Alongside Partners Buffalo Computer Graphics, Inc. and Agility Recovery

FutureShield is delighted in-person events have returned and will be attending The Ontario Disaster & Emergency Management Conference (DEMCON) on November 16th and 17th at the Toronto International Centre. We will be in attendance with our partners, Buffalo Computer Graphics, Inc. and Agility Recovery, providing valuable information about DisasterLAN (DLAN) and RecoveryPlanner.

DisasterLAN® (DLAN®) simplifies emergency response by providing a unified, web-based, mobile-friendly platform for secure communication, multi-agency collaboration, and real-time situational awareness. With DLAN in your toolbox, you will be properly prepared to manage daily operations, emergencies, and everything in-between. Visit the Buffalo Computer Graphics’ booth #3 to learn more.

RecoveryPlanner is an industry leader for end-to-end business continuity management (BCM) and resilience software with deep, mature functionality. Used by organizations in all industries and sizes and tailored for BCM, RecoveryPlanner is ideal for organizations looking for a tool to support a comprehensive BCM program that also helps to build resilience in systems and operations. RecoveryPlanner has broad, customizable, and flexible functionality for experienced practitioners yet is simple enough for casual users. Visit the Agility Recovery booth for a demo.

You can also engage with FutureShield’s President and Founder, Cynthia Weeden, who is participating in two round table sessions.

Round Table - Session 1, 11:00am - 12:00pm on Wed 16th

Many organizations use an array of different apps designed for normal office operations for their emergency operations. Most of these agencies likely already know that this isn’t the best way to handle complex, life safety tasks, but their staff members don’t want to learn new software and executives don’t want to pay for it. Cynthia Weeden will discuss how a dedicated solution is a crucial component that will not only improve an emergency response but will also simplify your day-to-day operations.

Round Table - Session 4, 2:20pm - 3:10pm on Wed 16th

Business continuity in many organizations is handled by using a number of different apps and programs designed for normal office operations, which is not ideal. This session will explore how to make your personnel’s jobs easier by implementing standardized workflows, minimizing duplicate data entry, and giving access to just the tools and information they need to perform their jobs. From an executive standpoint, dedicated software for business continuity and incident management also improves oversight, protects from legal liabilities, improves decision making and outcomes, and ensures continuity of operations.

For more information or to schedule a meeting at the show please contact us at [email protected].

FutureShield Inc.

FutureShield Inc. was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2005 to provide expertise in integrating software solutions for security, emergency management, and critical infrastructure protection. The offices are now located in the Region of Peel, in Caledon, Ontario. For more information, visit

Buffalo Computer Graphics, Inc.

BCG is a veteran owned small business that has over 40 years of experience in software, hardware, and systems engineering. BCG is a global provider of Incident Management Software, Mass Notification Systems, Maritime Training Solutions, and Custom Hardware & Software Engineering. For more information, visit

Agility Recovery

Agility Recovery is the leading provider of business continuity and disaster recovery suite of solutions. Through one central hub, our customers can use business continuity, emergency alerting, and incident management tools, along with guaranteed access to temporary power, furnished mobile office space, communications equipment, technology, and testing resources.

In the wake of the unexpected, we make resilience simple by providing the expertise and resources your organization needs to prepare, protect, and recover quickly. Whether you’re a seasoned continuity professional or creating your company’s business continuity plan for the first time, we’re ready to support you and your team.

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