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Business Continuity Awareness Week 2021 - Cynthia Weeden, featured on expert panel

This year, the City of Mississauga will be hosting two webinars on how to prepare small businesses for future outages.  With a few simple steps, business small or large can place themselves in better position to overcome hardships to maintain the focus on what the organization does best.

In the first webinar (May 18 at 10am) attendees will learn some straightforward Business Continuity from Abraham Binder, Emergency Management Specialist – Business Continuity with the City of Mississauga, including steps to prepare and practice using a Business Continuity Plan. Taking stock of what the business is and what it does is always the first step in planning. What are the services or products that are at the heart of the business?  When you take into account all the people and supplies and technology involved, the picture of those products, services, or whatever you offer will show everything that the business has to protect. The next step is even easier:  think of – and document – the best ways to get those people and supplies and technology back if they’re lost, or do without them if they can’t be replaced.

In the Expert Panel webinar, led by Abraham Binder, (May 20 at 10am) the City of Mississauga be proudly hosting Cynthia Weeden and Ryan Lim.  Cynthia is a Business Continuity expert and local small business entrepreneur. Ryan is the Manager of Service Management in the City’s IT Division.  He’ll be talking about how to effectively protect your systems and data from everyday challenges, and from hackers and malware.

For more information and to register please visit - here

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