Capture objective, actionable data on skills.

About SkillGrader

SkillGrader is an application that helps organizations objectively evaluate the performance of any observable skill, whether it is done during training, for certification, as part of routine drills, or as a part of on-the-job performance. It replaces paper-based assessments with a technology-based solution that provides immediate reports on individual and team proficiency. Results are stored on the cloud to support audits, measure the success of training and to help reveal organizational skill metrics for continuous improvement.

Objective and Streamlined Assessment
SkillGrader eliminates subjectivity from an assessment by asking the observer to simply record actions in the app as skills are being performed. SkillGrader then uses a sophisticated algorithm to generate an instant report scoring the performance of each individual and the team. Observers no longer need to consult a rubric or grade a performance. The report supports immediate debrief and coaching opportunities by revealing critical actions missed, individual strengths and skill gaps.

Measure Any Skill
With SkillGrader, any training event, drill, on-the-job activity, or certification process becomes an opportunity to assess skills and gather data. Structured, task-specific forms reflect organization-vetted best practice to reduce reliance on expert opinion. SkillGrader is made for organizations that care about the skill of their workers or trainees - from training institutions to safety-critical sectors such as first responders, transportation industries and more.

Actionable Metrics to Support Employee Development Goals
SkillGrader records all data in a database making it possible to report on trends, identify workforce leaders, reveal risks, and perform cross-skill evaluations of individual employees. View, analyse and share insights using a web-based dashboard to:
• Compare trends across locations, team and departments
• Track skill fade and procedural drift
• Measure the effectiveness of training programs
• Gain insight on compliance, competency and skill gaps for targeted training
• Give management visibility into organizational trends and risks

SkillGrader gives organizations the ability to develop a comprehensive feedback loop between learning and operating. It measures and tracks individual and team performance to verify training effectiveness, and to support improved outcomes, efficiency, standardization and safety.


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